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UHF RFID Readers & Gateways are RFID devices that are used to interrogate and encode RFID tags attached to assets. These readers are either portable (Handheld RFID Readers, SLEDs), fixed (Fixed-mount RFID Readers), or integrated. Some Handheld RFID Readers, known as SLEDs, are also designed to be attached to smartphones, offering network connectivity such as Bluetooth and WiFi for better data sharing with end users.

EnCstore offers a wide range of UHF RFID readers that follow communication protocol ISO 18000-6C and EPCglobal Class1 Gen2 and operate in the Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) range of 860 MHz-960 MHz, also supporting Indian RFID specification of 865 MHz- 867 MHz. We feature a huge catalog of high-performing UHF RFID Readers, Fixed and Handheld, designed and manufactured by the industry best RFID reader manufacturers with global repute.

Our high-performing fixed, handheld, and integrated UHF RFID readers come with features like multiple antenna connectors, long read range, anti-collision algorithm, built-in writing ability, digital signal control, etc.

Buy UHF RFID readers from our huge catalog of high-performing RFID Readers in the fixed and handheld categories, available at the best RFID reader prices, only at We offer pan-India express delivery and easy returns on UHF RFID Readers.

You can also explore various kinds of UHF RFID Tags and Antennas on our website.

Applications of UHF RFID Readers

UHF RFID Readers find applications in:

1. Asset tracking and management

2. Manufacturing and production

3. IT Asset Management

4. Jewellery Tracking and Inventory management

5.  Livestock tracking and management

6. Supply chains and logistics, etc.


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