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Get various kinds of barcode ribbons including barcode thermal transfer ribbons such as resin ribbons, wax ribbons, wax-resin ribbons, and wash care barcode ribbons, which provide high-quality printing at your organization. 

These barcode ribbons are suitable for use in thermal transfer and direct thermal barcode printers, printing varied information (barcodes, batch numbers, expiration dates, logos, etc.). They are cost-efficient and offer maximum efficiency. These ribbons are used with Thermal Transfer labels (Thermal Transfer Printing) to create images that are suitable for a wide range of environments and applications.

EnCstore provides barcode ribbons in various sizes depending upon the label sizes, 4 inches, 6 inches, etc., with distinct colors and qualities. These barcode ribbons can print high-quality barcodes, customizable to the barcode size and shape, suitable with a variety of barcode label materials for printing needs. 

Get all kinds of barcode ribbon rolls matching your business needs, available at industry best barcode ribbon pricing. We also offer quotations and pan-India delivery of barcoding supplies such as labels, ribbons, scanners, and printers for small and large businesses, 

Applications of Barcode Ribbons

1. Barcode label printing for retail and e-commerce

2. Industrial barcoding applications

3. 1D/2D barcode label printing for asset and inventory management

4. Barcode applications in libraries, mail, shipping, healthcare, etc.  

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