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EnCStore Far-field antennas are used to read and write data from far distances. These antennas are typically used in applications where the RFID reader and tag need to be located at a greater distance from each other. These antennas are also used where the tag needs to be identified from a variety of angles and distances. Far-field antennas typically require more power than near-field antennas to function properly, but they are more reliable and accurate in capturing signals. These antennas are typically used in applications such as asset tracking, inventory management, supply chain management, and security systems.

Far-field RFID antennas provide a variety of benefits, including increased read range, improved accuracy and read speed, and the ability to read multiple tags at once. They are also more reliable and easier to install than other RFID antennas. Additionally, far-field antennas can be designed for specific applications, allowing them to optimize performance for the specific environment in which they are used.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of far-field RFID antennas in India at the best price. We have a wide selection of far-field antennas to work with a variety of Rain RFID tags, readers, and systems. Each antenna has a specific strength and is suitable for specific types of systems. Please contact us if you have any queries so that we can help you choose the right RFID antenna for your application.

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