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Get Near-field RFID antennas or short-range RFID antennas, a type of antenna that is used to read data from RFID tags, compatible with near-field communication (NFC), HF, and LF communication standards. 

These near-field antennas are designed to read information from RFID tags that are placed within a few centimeters of the antenna, allowing the antenna to read specific RFID tags.

The loop design in UHF Near-field antennas allows them to be more sensitive to the small electromagnetic fields generated by NFC tags. They can be used to identify and track objects, verify identity, and provide access control.

Near-field RFID antennas are also more compact and efficient than traditional antennas, making them an ideal choice for many short-range RFID applications. Additionally, they are also less prone to interference due to low-frequency operation, resulting in more reliable data transmission.

Explore our wide selection of high-performing near-field antennas, designed and manufactured by prominent antenna manufacturers in India and the world, available at competitive antenna prices. 

Applications of a Far Field Antenna

1. Shelf management in retail stores and warehouses,

2. POS operations,

3. Access control and security,

4. Attendance management, etc. 

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