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Handheld RFID SLEDs (Single-Handed Lightweight Extended Devices) are RFID handheld readers that support a smartphone attachment, an RFID antenna, and a grip. These RFID sled readers leverage a smartphone, application, and wireless communication/data connector to offer long-range connectivity and easy data capture from RFID tags and sharing. Features like Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, NFC, and the benefits of the Android platform on the attached smartphone make SLED Handheld readers a highly sought-after choice.

EnCstore offers premium quality, compact, lightweight, high-performing Sled RFID readers with powerful RFID reading and writing capabilities, offering a read range of up to 15m indoors and up to 31m outdoors.

These RFID sled readers with smartphones are designed with premium quality material meant for long durability and frequent drops in extreme industrial and commercial applications. These UHF SLED Scanners come in various configurations, wearables, and handhelds, and are compatible with global RF response and RFID standards EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C. We are a leading RFID Reader manufacturer & supplier in India offering a wide range of UHF RFID readers with the industry-best read rates, long read range, and long battery.

 Applications of Handheld SLED RFID Readers

1. Supply chains and Manufacturing

2. Apparel cycle-counting

3. Fleet management

4. Warehouse management

5. Asset management




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