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Encstore is the perfect RFID accessories supplier in India. RFID Accessories components that make the Radio Frequency data transmission easy. We provide RFID accessories components that come in a wide variety of forms such as  RFID trigger handles, RF cables & connectors, charging cradles, spare batteries, mounts to hold reprocessed antennas, and device mounts. That component starts or processes the RFID data transmission and operates the RFID hardware.

12 feet Antenna Cable, RP-TNC Male to SMA Female

195 series, Low Loss Coaxial Extension Cable, RP-TNC Male to SMA Female connecter, for outdoor usage

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12 feet Antenna Cable, RP-TNC Male to SMA Female coaxial cable has an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer and tubular conducting... Read More

Length:12 ft
Cable Type:195 series
Connector 1:RP-TNC Male (connects to RP-TNC Female)
Connector 2:SMA Female (connects to SMA Male)
Contact Material:Brass
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Impinj R700 Reader Antenna Hub

20 MW max Power Consumption, Eight Output Ports, Ultra High Frequency, 865–867 MHz, Antenna Hub for Tool Tracking and Smart Shelving

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Antenna Hub attaches to reader antenna port and allows up to eight individual antennas to be operated through that one port. Single Port connection... Read More

Operationg Frequency::865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Power Consumption:15 mW typical | 20mW Max
Input:RF Input: SMA female (connects to SMA male)
Output:8 RF Outputs: SMA female (connects to SMA male)
Mounting Options:Two 1/4 in mounting holes
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Impinj Speedway Antenna Hub

Frequency: 865–867 MHz, 34dBm Max input power, About 25 ms Device Switching Speed, IP Rating 52

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This RFID Impinj Speedway Antenna Hub provides a low cost opportunity to create a large, contiguous RFID read zone  by enabling from 5 to 32... Read More

Operating Frequency:865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Dimensions:102mm x 61mm x 24 mm
Power Supply:5V provided by the GPIO Adapter
Power Consumption:25mA (80mW) max
Connectors:RF Input: SMA Female; 8 RF Outputs: SMA Female; 1 Digital I/O: RJ45
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