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UHF RFID Antennas

We carry a wide range of antennas to fit an equally wide range of tags, readers, and systems. This includes UHF antennas, patch antennas, and linear or circular polarized antennas.



The far field antenna decays as the square of the distance from the antenna, whilst the near field antenna decays as the cube of distance from the antenna. Far-Field antennas have a read range of up to 15 meter. Far-field antennas are reachable with a wide range of choices such as linear or round polarization, various gain, and preferences for indoor or out of doors use.

Suitable applications for Far-Field antennas are
  • Logistic & supply chain asset management
  • Industrial automation
  • Race timing

Near - Field Antenna

A near-field antenna makes use of inductive coupling which capacity that it makes use of a magnetic field to energize the RFID tag. A magnetic area is created in the near-field region that approves the RFID reader’s antenna to energize the tag. The tag then responds via growing a disturbance in the magnetic field that the reader options up and decodes. We can divide UHF RFID into two categories based totally on the mechanism of communication between the reader antenna and the tag antenna. These mechanisms are far field and near-field UHF RFID. Far-field UHF RFID makes use of electromagnetic waves, in the meantime near-field UHF RFID is primarily based completely on a magnetic field.


Multi - Purpose Anteena

Multi-purpose antennas are extensively slimmer than any different antenna product on the market, opening up new possibilities to automate tracking of assets, people, and items. Equipped with a thin profile and inherent strength, Multi-purpose antennas can be set up in very tight areas and in the most rugged environments. These ultra-low profile antennas are appropriate for a range of functions along with flush wall and door frame mounting as properly as area limited or patron dealing with environments. Multipurpose UHF RFID Antenna is phase of the sequence of antennas, which come with a sleek, aesthetic shape issue appropriate for consumer dealing with environments. This antenna is in particular designed for real-time asset tracking and inventory management, making it the best complement to your RFID solution.

Ground Antennas

The RFID antennas for the flooring can be of specific polarities and sizes. What is quintessential is the use we are going to supply it and the environment in which it will be. We have antennas for sports activities events, activities in general, for factories, hospitals, etc. The most vital element in this case is the robustness and durability. The slim design, excessive durability, and unique ability to be positioned on pathways and doorways make this antenna the most fulfilling preference for a wide range of applications. This ground mat is a alternative solution to the use of antennas of the UHF system.