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UHF-RFID Readers are available as Readers, also called interrogators, are devices that transmit and receive radio waves in order to communicate with RFID tags. Whether you are looking for Wireless Readers, or USB Readers, you are sure to find what you need here at Encstore.


Handheld RFID Readers

handheld RFID readers are a great choice for reading tags on the go and the where the mobility of the reader is necessary. Handheld readers have integrated antennas, and a display (there are a few exceptions) for handy operation and instant interplay with the data. Handhelds are normally utilized for inventory taking and are additionally great for tag programming.

Encstore RFID offers a decision of handheld RFID readers that are designed for mobile workers or environments the place a fixed reader is no longer ideal. Our handheld readers allow you to read RFID tags at any factor in your business; from the store floor, showroom, to the receiving dock, and even whilst in transit at series points. Handheld RFID is additionally best for use in the field for asset tracking, area provider applications, and use through cellular workers.

Fixed RFID Readers

RFID Fixed Readers from Encstore provide consistency in high performance. Our RFID Readers provide the strong functionality needed to jumpstart a profitable RFID system. An RFID Reader is a radio frequency transmitter and receiver. RFID Readers can read and write facts to an RFID tag. RFID Readers can additionally be fixed or portable. Portable RFID Readers can be installed or carried almost anywhere.

Encstore RFID offers an vast resolution of Integrated Fixed RFID readers. Our integrated readers are a reader and antenna all-in-one machine that allows you to right away transmit and acquire statistics with the potential to study and write statistics onto RFID tags. Fixed RFID readers provide the easiest competencies in performance, power and readability and are used most frequently to create a professional RFID system.


Desktop RFID Readers

Encstore RFID offers a range of desktop RFID readers that go well with the desires of each enterprise environment.

UHF RFID Desktop reader is one of the most widely used UHF Desktop reader &write creator normally used for tag registration and activation. It works on world UHF frequency protocols and is used for speedy tag authentication, tag read and write, activation and tag blockading /killing. With an anti-collision algorithm and excessive tag read/write functionality this system can be used in any enterprise application. It is transportable in nature and can be carried without difficulty due to the fact of its compact design and rapid installation method which is USB.

Integrated RFID Readers

Integrated RFID readers combine RFID reader with an RFID antenna into one unit. This is very convenient, when you consider that it typically capacity simpler installation, space savings, elimination of pointless antenna cables and frequently higher esthetics. Integrated readers can additionally be in shape of gate readers, portals, overhead hooked up gadgets or smart shelves. An RFID Reader is a radio frequency transmitter and receiver and can read and write information to an RFID tag.

Encstore Provides a comprehensive range of RFID tags and Readers for a variety of industries. We have an superb working know-how of LF( Low Frequency ) , HF( High Frequency ) and UHF( Ultra High Frequency) Our team is nicely geared up to plan RFID management software program to work seamlessly in the most demanding environment.