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EnCStore has a large selection of HF RFID readers that are compatible with HF tags. Our high-frequency (HF) readers can read tags from 1 to 12 inches away and include the use of the NFC protocol. We provide HF 13.56 MHz readers in a variety of form factors, including fixed readers and handheld devices, that are compatible with most MIFARE™ tags and are ideal for your desktop or mobile environment.

Our RFID readers have multiple tag identification capabilities as well as excellent data read rate capabilities, making them ideal for completing tasks accurately and efficiently. Many of our HF/NFC/Mifare RFID readers are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use, and they are simple to use and install. RFID readers are faster, more reliable, and may be used in harsh situations for access and identification. Our UHF RFID scanners may be used everywhere. Some common uses for RFID applications include entry and exit of gates, asset tracking and equipment tracking, library security, toll plaza automation, hospital management, automatic time attendance in schools, and event management, as well as other customized automation processes and solutions.

We are a leading manufacturer of HF/NFC/Mifare RFID readers in India. We provide innovative and reliable products at an affordable price while maintaining our standards of quality. If you are looking for an RFID reader or need advice on which reader would work best for your application, there are different kinds of HF/NFC/Mifare readers on the market, but which is best for you? EnCStore will assist you in selecting the best one for your needs.

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