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Get specialized Mount On-metal RFID Tags that are designed to shield the RFID chip from the effects of the metal and liquid surfaces and provide high efficiency against interference.

We are a prominent Mount On-metal Tag manufacturer and supplier in India, offering a variety of RFID tags that are designed to work with all kinds of products and function efficiently in asset tracking and inventory management applications.

These tags support a durable and rugged design, compatible with a variety of metal surfaces & shapes. They are easy to screw in, weld or come with an adhesive backside to ensure easy application.

The read distance of these metal mount RFID tags ranges from a few inches to 10 meters, making them perfect for use in Warehouses, Supply Chains, and pallet Tracking.

At EnCstore, we also make a point of reasonable pricing for mount-on-metal Tags. You can explore various kinds of Anti-metal RFID labels and hard tags from our below catalog of RFID tags for metals, manufactured by prominent RFID manufacturers. 

 Applications of Mount On-metal tags

 1. IT asset management

2. Tool tracking 

3. Manufacturing and supply chains

4. Healthcare 

Rock-UHF Long Range RFID Hard Tags with UHF Frequency, Rivet and Screw Mounting, High performance, Read range up to 14mtrs, High-Quality, IP Rating-67, Lightweight and Reusable

By Perfect iD i
Operating Frequency:FCC: 902-928MHz ETSI: 865-868 MHz
Communication Protocol:ISO 18000-63 and EPCglobal Gen2v2
Read Range:Up to 14m
Chip Type:Impinj Monza R6P/ Impinj M730
EPC Memory:128 bits /96 bits
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