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RFID paper labels/tags are smart labels with an RFID chip provided by EnCstore that are of premium quality, programmable, and customizable. These RFID paper labels are made of two parts: a face label for customizing it with barcode, branding, and other information, and an RFID chip or microchip which will be encoded by an RFID printer/Reader. 

These Printable Paper Tags work on UHF 865-867 MHz frequency, are compliant with ISO 18000-6C, EPCglobal gen2v2 specifications and offer a read range of up to 10m with high read and write sensitivity. 

We feature a huge catalog of paper RFID labels, available at competitive prices, highly durable and reliable, which can be easily attached to the products in supermarkets for accurate and fast calculation of bills, vis-à-vis retail automation, and inventory management. 

 Applications of RFID Paper Labels

1. Library Management 

2. Shipping 

3. Retail and inventory management 

4. Asset tracking

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