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RFID PVC cards and badges are smart cards, made of PVC material, most suitable for identification, access control, etc. 

EnCstore offers various kinds of PVC-made flexible and durable smart cards that operate on Radio Frequency technology. These cards have an antenna and a microchip for data storage needs.

These RFID PVC cards work on distinct frequency bands including low-frequency -125 kHz (proximity cards for access control), high-frequency -13.56 MHz( metro cards, ticketing, event management, ID cards), and ultra-high frequency (UHF) 860-960 MHz. These RFID PVC cards are contactless and easily readable.

UHF RFID PVC Cards, also known as long-range RFID cards/access cards, can be printed with customized designs, logos, names, etc. RFID blank PVC cards are also available. These RFID cards are widely used in schools, colleges, campuses, and offices for identification and attendance, door access systems, amusement parks, and other custom applications. 

EnCstore offers access cards, NFC cards, Mifare cards, and RFID ID cards, at competitive prices,  procured from market-leading RFID Card manufacturers across India.

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