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EnCstore offers a wide range of UHF RFID Wet Inlays tags and labels that work on UHF 865-867MHz and are compliant with EPCglobal gen2v2 and ISO 18000-6C communication protocol, offering long read range and easy detection at a cost-effective price.

 These RFID inlays are considered wet due to their adhesive backing, which makes them efficient, easy, and quick to apply. RFID wet inlay tags are essentially industrial RFID stickers and are ideal for applications that require a peel-and-stick type of tag.

UHF RFID wet inlay tags are highly resistant to water and dust elements and capable of functioning in harsh environments. They are also robust and reliable, allowing for long-term use. These inlays are also compatible with a variety of different UHF RFID readers, making them ideal for a range of applications in retail, supply chains, and logistics. Our wet inlay tags are made of superior-quality materials and are designed to provide maximum durability and performance. 

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of wet inlay tags in India, providing all kinds of wet inlay tags at competitive prices with pan-India express delivery and easy returns. You can explore our huge catalog of UHF RFID wet inlays below.

Applications of UHF RFID Wet Inlays

 1. Supply chain and logistics

2. Asset management

3. Retail 

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