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 Encstore offers a wide range of antennas with different types of polarization. When selecting the best RFID antenna for your application, consider the polarization of the antenna. This may impact the performance of your RFID read zone. In an RFID system, the choice between circular and linear polarization antennas can have a significant impact. Linear polarization is the most popular polarization in antennas. Linearly polarized antennas produce electromagnetic waves in a single plane, which might be horizontal or vertical. To achieve a reliable read from an RFID tag, a linearly polarized antenna needs to be oriented in a specific way, and the RFID tag must also be installed on the same plane as the antenna.

Linearly polarized antennas have a higher read range than circularly polarized antennas of the same gain. If all of the tags to be read are on the same plane and aligned with the plane of the antenna, then a linearly polarized antenna should be considered. Please contact us if you need help identifying which type of antenna is best for you!

UHF RFID Linearly Polarized Door Frame Antenna

Ultra High Frequency, 865–867 MHz, High Performance, suitable for office doorways for asset and people tracking

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Linearly Polarized Door Frame Antenna used in office, warehouses doorways for asset and people tracking. Provides strong performance over the entire... Read More

Operationg Frequency:865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Connecter type:SMA Female
Dimension:650mm x 90mm x 10.5mm
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