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Explore our wide range of linear polarized antennas, most suitable for long range, unidirectional applications such as retail asset tracking, POS, access control, etc. 

UHF Linearly polarized antennas produce electromagnetic waves in a single plane, which might be horizontal or vertical. To achieve a reliable read from a RAIN RFID tag, a linearly polarized antenna needs to be oriented in a specific way, and the RFID tag must also be installed on the same plane as the antenna.

Our UHF Linearly Polarized Antennas provide increased signal strength and improved signal quality and adhere to UHF (865 MHz-867 MHz) and EPCglobal gen 2 V2, ISO 18000-63 communication standards. 

These are also ideal for broadcasting and communication applications providing a more consistent signal path than other antenna types. Additionally, they are typically more resistant to interference in areas with higher levels of electromagnetic interference, and they are also more efficient at transmitting and receiving signals, allowing for better coverage and reception.  Our UHF RFID Linear polarized antennas are relatively low-cost and easy to install, making them a great choice for many applications.

EnCstore is the leading manufacturer of the UHF linearly polarized antennas in India, offering a wide range of linearly polarized RFID antennas, available at industry best prices.

Applications of UHF Linear Polarized Antennas

• Access control and security

• Asset tracking 

• Library operations

• Retail and healthcare process optimization 

• Manufacturing Operations 

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