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RFID Tire Tracking Tags

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RFID  Tire Tracking tags is specially designed for Car Manufacturer and Tire industry for identification and Tracking of tire to get the valuable information about the tire. RFID Tyre tags for car, buses, trucks and other vehicles and provide unique serial numbers of each tired which can be tracked. RFID Tyre Tag is solution for tire management, tire repairing, prevent tire theft and cloning.

UHF RFID Tire Tracking Tags

Flexible RFID Tire Tracking Tags, 95mm x 35mm (Blue), Ultra High Frequency, 865–867 MHz, Suitable for Tire Factory, Car Factory and Tire Tracking

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RFID Tire Tracking tags are used for tire identification and tire maintenance. These tags are mounting on the inner side of the tire to get the... Read More

Operationg Frequency:865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Communication Protocol:ISO 18000-6C EPC Clas 1 Gen 2
Size:95mm x 35mm
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