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Passive/UHF RFID Tags

Customize RFID tags / stickers to meet your needs


Jewellery Tag

Encstore solution being a provide has designed a wide range of RFID jewellery label tags Or RFID jewellery tags to work for a wide range of jewelleries and different trimmings for tracking and recognizable proof for smooth flow and working. These tags can be read with no aggravation and intervention in reading because of some outside product. Utilizing tags for pallet tracking that are explicitly adjusted to the materials you need to track makes reading, tracking, and inventorying them simpler and providers for greater read range.

Apparel Tag

RFID garments tags and labels from Encstore are intended for the apparel industry found around the world, focusing on automation of texture tracking and management.

Our RFID apparel tags can be safely and effectively embedded in to fabrics empowering the providers and retailers to automatically track and manage their inventory while offering theft protection.


Solar Tag

The RFID solar tags Or RFID solar panel tags given by Encstore solution are of premium quality and totally reliable with more read range when contrasted with UHF tags for a similar utilization. These tags are dependable, durable, and rugged to withstand extraordinary conditions and environment. According to the MNRE rules it is mandatory that each solar or PV Module should contain a RFID tag to recognize and track it all through its helpful life. It additionally contains a serial number that remarkably distinguishes the module. Having an upgraded read range and decreased size, our tags are ideal for tracking solar panels.

Metal Tag

Passive and active tags for metals that are utilized to control IT assets, in areas, for example, energy, hardware rental, assembling and logistics. We have labels with various reading ranges, durability and resistance.

Asset Tag

Encstore solution provide Asset tag which is designed for quick and reliable identification. The passive UHF tag is designed to chip away at Things and reasonable for wide part of Surfaces. It is intended to work for a wide scope of resource recognizable proof applications, for example, asset management, asset tracking, inventory management, entry/Exit permit, and Access Control.