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Zebra AN720 RFID Antenna, 3.5dBi, Circular Polarized

The Zebra AN720 RFID antenna is a compact, rugged UHF RFID Antenna with frequency range of 865 – 868 MHz, 3.5dBi gain, left-hand circular polarization with N-type female connector, and an IP67 rating

By Zebra
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Operating Frequency: 865 - 868 MHz
Polarization: Left-hand circular
Dimensions: 132.8mm(L) x 132.8mm(W) x 18.1mm(T)
Connector: N-Type Female
Connector Location: Rear
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Get the latest Zebra AN720 UHF RFID antennas that are extremely versatile, compact, and rugged, ideal for a wide range of applications including dock doors, retail, and other customer-facing environments. The ANI720 works on a frequency range of 865 – 868 MHz offering a 3.5dBi gain, and left-hand circular polarization for long-range RFID tag reading and data capture. It provides excellent performance for both near and far field tags and UHF RFID readers with a VSWR of 1.5:1.

The AN720 antenna by Zebra Technologies is extremely easy to install and features an N-type female connector for a secure connection to your RFID readers. The IP67 rating makes it resistant to dust and water allowing it to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. The An720 antenna also features a rugged and durable outer housing, allowing it to be used in ceilings, out on the tarmac, and conveyor belts in supply chain and logistics operations. 

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 Applications of Zebra AN720 RFID Antenna, 3.5dBi, Circular Polarized

 • Retail point of sale operations

• Enterprise/office 

• Healthcare

• Supply chain, logistics, and transportation 

• Hospitality 

Operating Frequency 865 - 868 MHz
Polarization Left-hand circular
Dimensions 132.8mm(L) x 132.8mm(W) x 18.1mm(T)
Connector N-Type Female
Connector Location Rear
Mounting Options Articulating mounting bracket included
Material Aluminium with white plastic cover
Gain 3.5 dBic
Front to Back Ratio 8 dB
3bB Beam Width 100° in both planes
Maximum Power 10 Watts
Axial Ratio 1 dB
Operating Temperature -25° to +75°C
Storage Temperature -40° to +70°C
IP Rating IP67

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