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Time-7 Slimline A5010 Circular Polarized UHF RFID Antenna

Circular Polarized RFID Antenna, 865-868MHz frequency UHF RFID Antenna, 8dBi Gain, Flush or VESA Mounting, 3W Maximum Input Power, IP67 Rating, High Performance & Rugged Design, SMA female Connector

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Operating Frequency: 865-867 Mhz, Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
Polarization: Right hand circular polarized
Gain: 8 dBic
Max Read Distance: Up to 9m (29 ft)
Connector Type: SMA female (connects to SMA male)
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The Time-7 Slimline A5010 Circular Polarized Antenna is designed to provide a wide range of solutions in RFID and IoT settings. This UHF RFID antenna has a circular polarization, A5010, to provide excellent read rates and good coverage support, even in challenging outdoor conditions.  

Time 7 Slimline A5010 circular polarized UHF RFID is a highly sought after antenna in various industries due to its high performance and compact and slim design. It is an ultra-low profile antenna and comes with an IP rating of 67 providing water and dust-resistant solution in various industrial RFID applications.

EnCStore offers Time-7 Slimline A5010 Circular Polarized Antennas which work on a wide range of operating frequencies, from 865-868 MHz to 902-928 MHz. It has a gain of 8.5 dBi and a maximum read range of 9M, suitable for retail, warehousing, medical & big pharma related inventory and warehouse management.

Application of Circular Polarised UHF RFID Antenna

• Asset management

• Inventory management

• Automatic Time Attendance for Schools 

• Toll plaza automation

• Hospital access control

Operating Frequency 865-867 Mhz, Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
Polarization Right hand circular polarized
Gain 8 dBic
Max Read Distance Up to 9m (29 ft)
Connector Type SMA female (connects to SMA male)
Mounting Flush or VESA mount
Dimensions 250mm x 250mm x 14 mm
IP Rating IP 67
Operating Temperature -20° to +55°C
Radome Material UV-Resistant ABS
Operating Temperature 0° to +65°C
VSWR 1.3 typical
Front to back ratio -20 dB
Axial ratio 1 dB typical
Nominal impedance 50 ohm
Antenna detection 10 K O resistance
Maximum Input Power 3 W

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