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Zebra AN510 RFID Antenna, 8.5dBi, Circular Polarized

The Zebra AN510 RFID antenna is ultra-rugged, a small, 250mm*250mm*14m in size, low profile antenna featuring circular polarization, and IP67 rating, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments

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Operating Frequency: 865 - 868 MHz
Polarization: Right-hand circular
Dimensions: 250 mm x 250 mm x 14 mm
Connector: SMA female
Connector Location: Side mounted
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Get the AN510 RFID Antenna by Zebra Technologies Corp, a global RFID and automation firm based in the USA. The Zebra AN510 Antenna is designed with a small form factor, 250mm*250mm*14m in size, side mount SMA female connector with Flush or VESA mounting options, and a solid UV-resistant ABS body with IP67 rating, allowing businesses to use it for various industrial and commercial use cases, including in shopping centers, cold storage chains, on conveyor belts, out on the tarmac, on ceilings as well as dock doors. 

The antenna is designed with right-hand circular polarization, offering an 8.5 dBic gain, 1.3:1 VSWR return loss, and a long RFID read range in indoor and outdoor conditions. The circular polarization in the antenna ensures that the RFID antenna can read RFID tags in many directions with high efficiency. 

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Applications of Zebra AN510 RFID Antenna

• Retail inventory management 

• Receiving dock doors

• Baggage tracking solutions

• Access control systems 

• Freezers and Freezer trucks

Operating Frequency 865 - 868 MHz
Polarization Right-hand circular
Dimensions 250 mm x 250 mm x 14 mm
Connector SMA female
Connector Location Side mounted
Mounting Options Flush mount or VESA mount
Materials ABS
Gain 8.5 dBic
VSWR (Return Loss) 1.3:1
Front to Back Ratio 20 dB
3bB Beam Width 68° in both planes
Axial Ratio 1 dB
Operating Temperature -20° to +55°C
Storage Temperature -30° to +65°C
IP Rating IP67

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