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Barcode Scanner

We provide barcodes, scanning consider the code type and scanning distance. 2D imaging is appropriate for any type of barcode scanning. Linear barcode scan engines are appropriate only for 1D barcodes.


Handheld Barcode scanner

A handheld scanner is a digital device that performs the mission of scanning archives simply like a flatbed scanner, however it is physically handheld. It is used for scanning a physical document and changing it electronically to be displayed on computer systems or gadgets connected to the store, edit, and transfer the same. Handheld scanners are greater famous due to the fact of their area carrying capability and portability.

Our handheld barcode scanners furnish intuitive scanning of the barcodes located in real-world environments - even bad fantastic and damaged barcodes. From retail-ready excessive scan depth scanners to rugged, rubberized scanners for warehouses and distribution centres, we manufacture scanning options with unique challenges and work environments in mind.

Presentation Barcode Scanner

The Presentation Barcode Scanner is a everyday motive on-counter presentation scanner designed for hands-free operation and convenient fixed-location scanning. It’s sleek, compact plan makes use of imaging technology and can study 1D and 2D barcodes and codes introduced from mobile devices, and seize photographs if the retailer requires pictures on file.


In-counter Barcode Scanner

Encstore In-counter scanners handle excessive extent Point of Sale applications. These scanners are specifically high-quality for grocery, department, and drug, do yourself centres and well-known retail environments. Barcode Technologies provides a extensive range of In-counter presentation barcode scanners. In-counter scanners are comparable to presentation scanners in that you simply existing the barcode in the front of the reader.

Mobile Computer Barcode Scanner

Mobile computer systems are the ideal multi-use device for your advance data and mobility needs. With preferences for batch and real-time wi-fi (Wi-Fi and Cellular) statistics capture, we have handheld computer systems for each and every software and environment. We additionally equip our mobile computer systems with Windows Embedded, home windows Mobile, Window, or Android working structures to make sure seamless software program integration with your back-end systems.

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Fixed mount barcode scanners for use in high speed and high volume meeting traces in each standard motive and rugged barcoding environments. Our fixed barcode scanners are used in a range of applications, such as kiosks, direct part mark (DPM), and boarding pass scanning. For excessive speed and the most worrying application we endorse Microscan and Datalogic fixed mount barcode scanners whilst Motorola and Code are perfect for decrease volume scanning.