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Barcode scanners are devices used to read and decode the information contained in a barcode. They are used in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries to track products, inventory, and patient records. Barcode scanners range from handheld devices to automated, stationary scanners. They use light to read the barcode, and then translate the information into digital data that can be used in a computer system.

Barcode scanners are a fast and efficient way of tracking inventory and products. They allow businesses to quickly and accurately scan barcodes on products, reducing the time spent manually inputting product information. This helps to reduce errors and improve the accuracy of inventory records. Barcode scanners also help to reduce time spent counting inventory, as well as the cost associated with manual data entry. Additionally, barcode scanners can help improve customer service by ensuring that the correct product is being billed, as well as making checkout processes faster and more efficient.

EnCStore is a leading supplier of barcode scanners, providing a vast range of products at competitive prices. We have the right scanner for any application. All of our barcode scanners are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, and they come with a full warranty to ensure your satisfaction. We also provide excellent customer service and technical support to ensure that your equipment is running smoothly. With EnCStore, you can rest assured that you are getting the best barcode scanning solution for your business. Barcode scanners include handheld scanners, presentation barcode scanners, in-counter barcode scanners, mobile computer barcode scanners, and fixed-mount barcode scanners.

The Zebra TC21 Mobile barcode scanner offers 1D/2D scanning capabilities, featuring a 5-inch touchscreen, Android operating system, and a long-lasting battery life, suitable for retail applications.

By Zebra i
Dimensions:With standard battery: 158mm(L) x 79mm(W) x 13.7mm(D), With extended battery: 158mm(L) x 79mm(W) x 17.3mm(D)
Weight:8.32 oz./236 g with standard battery; 269 g with extended battery
Display:5.0 in. color HD (1280 x 720); LED backlight; Corning® Gorilla® Glass
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