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9dBi Circular Polarized UHF RFID Antenna with Bracket

9dBi Long Range RFID Antenna with Mounting Bracket which works on 865-867 MHz Frequency. This circular polarized antenna comes with an IP65 rating, offering high performance and long read range

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Operating Frequency: 860-870 MHz, Ultra High Frequency
Polarization: Circular Polarization (RHCP/LHCP)
Model: UHF/T9NC
Gain: 9 dBic
Connector Type: N Connector
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We offer a selection of UHF 9dBi circular Polarized antennas that offer long-range communication between a UHF RFID tag and an RFID reader. The Antenna works on UHF Frequency (860-960MHz), well suited for use in heavy-demand logistics and supply chain operations, warehouse management as well as access control systems in smart buildings and offices.

The RFID Antenna comes with Flush and Vesa Mount and N connectors for easy installation. It comes in polycarbonate covering with plenum ratings offering fire resistance. The circular polarization in the UHF RFID antenna allows it to work efficiently in all directions no matter the reader alignment.

These 9dBi gain, long-range UHF antennas are suitable for industrial and commercial operations and perform well under harsh environments and outdoor conditions with an IP68 rating and a read range of up to 9m/29 feet.

 We offer long-range UHF RFID antennas from the best antenna manufacturers in India and well-known international brands at competitive prices. Contact us for a quotation on long-range, high-gain RFID antenna prices in India, or place an order with us through our website.

 Application of Circular Polarized UHF RFID Antenna

• Inventory management

• Asset management

• Toll plaza automation

• Hospital access control

• Automatic Time Attendance for Schools

Operating Frequency 860-870 MHz, Ultra High Frequency
Polarization Circular Polarization (RHCP/LHCP)
Model UHF/T9NC
Gain 9 dBic
Connector Type N Connector
Dimension(mm) 300mm(L) X 300mm(W) X 10mm(D)
VSWR(Max) 1.5:1
AxialRatio(dB) 2(Max)
Max.Power Input (Watts) 50
Impedance 50 ohm
Front to Back Ratio(dB) >20
Lightning Protection DC Grounded
Gross Weight(Kg) 1.5
Radome UV Stabilized ABS
Mounting Hardware MS Galvanized & Powder Coated
Mounting Style Wall/Pole
Water Proofing IP65
Operating Temprature -40° to +70°C

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