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Antenna Mount, Wall or Pole Mounting, Industry Grade Aluminium Material, Heavy equipment support, Easy to install, Support for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

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Material: Alumimium
Mounting Way: Wall or Pole
Rotation: can be rotated 60 degrees
Thickness: 3mm
Mounting Adjustment: H Plane ± 180°, V Plane ± 15
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The RFID Antenna Mounting Bracket is a durable and reliable solution for mounting RFID antennas in various environments. This bracket is designed to securely hold the antenna in place, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy of RFID tracking systems. It is typically made of aluminum material and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and strong winds. The purpose of the bracket is to ensure that the antenna remains stable and in the correct position for optimal signal reception. Antenna mounting brackets come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different types of antennas and mounting locations.

Material Alumimium
Mounting Way Wall or Pole
Rotation can be rotated 60 degrees
Thickness 3mm
Mounting Adjustment H Plane ± 180°, V Plane ± 15
Mounting Pole Diameter (inch) 2 inch
Mounting Hardware MS Galvanized & Powder Coated

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