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SlimLine RTAS UHF RFID Race Timing Antenna

860 -960 MHZ Ultra High Frequency(UHF), SlimLine RTAS UHF RFID Race Timing Antenna, Linear Polarization, 10dBi Gain, High Performance RFID Ground Antenna, IP66 Rating, RPTNC Connector

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Operating Frequency: 865-868 MHz (ETSI) / 902-928 MHz (FCC)
Polarization: Linear
Far-field Gain: 10 dBi typical
Nominal impedance: 50 ohm
Dimensions (L x W x D): 1220 mm x 600 mm x 12 mm
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The SlimLine RTAS UHF RFID Race Timing Antenna is a high-performance antenna designed specifically for race timing applications. This RFID Linear antenna is built with durable materials and features a slim profile, making it ideal for use in tight spaces and harsh environments. This UHF RFID ground antenna operates over UHF frequency 860–960 MHz and provides 10dBi far field antenna gain. This RFID ground antenna emits a highly directional beam of radio waves that can read athletes' UHF RFID tags from a distance, even in crowded or noisy environments. 

Features of UHF RFID Race Timing Antenna

• Ultra-thin design for easy installation and portability.

• Highly sensitive UHF RFID technology for accurate race timing and tracking.

• Wide read range for efficient and reliable data capture.

Operating Frequency 865-868 MHz (ETSI) / 902-928 MHz (FCC)
Polarization Linear
Far-field Gain 10 dBi typical
Nominal impedance 50 ohm
Dimensions (L x W x D) 1220 mm x 600 mm x 12 mm
Antenna Enclosure Moulded polyurethane housing
IP Rating IP66
Connector type / position RPTNC (refer to cable length detail below)
Cable protection SMA-SMB adapter inline with cable to prevent damage from excessive force on cable.
Cable All cables included
Anti-static protection DC grounded
Antenna detection 10 K O resistance
Maximum Input Power 3W

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