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Smartrac DogBone RFID Wet Inlays Tags - Monza M730/4D

Get Smartrac (Avery Dennison AD Dogbone M730/4D) DogBone UHF RFID Wet Inlays tag, size 97 x 27 mm (White) at best prices, suitable for supply chain management and sports timing applications

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Operating Frequency: 865 - 867 MHz
Communication Protocol: ISO 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Chip Type: Impinj Monza M730/4D
EPC Memory: 128 bits
Tag Material: PET
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EnCstore offers premium quality Smartrac ( Avery Dennison AD Dogbone M730/4D) DogBone RFID Tags that are designed with an M730 RFID chip by Impinj, offering high performance and great efficiency with an impressive read range of up to 16m. 

These DogBone Wet Inlay Tags are UHF passive RFID tags that work on UHF 860-960MHz operating frequency and support the ISO 18000-6C EPCGlobal gen2v2 communication protocol for efficient tag detection in high volume settings in retail, supply chains, logistics, and race timing applications. 

The Smarttrac DogBone tag consists of an integrated antenna and a small M730 or 4D chip, which is capable of storing and transmitting data with high RF sensitivity and Impinj ‘autotune’ adaptive auto-tuning feature. The IC also offers privacy mode which is very useful in loss prevention and protecting consumers’ privacy. 

These UHF RFID Wet inlays by Avery Dennison, an RFID Race Timing Tag & Label Manufacturer of global repute, come in 128-bit and 96-bit EPC memory options. These DogBone RFID inlays are ideal for tracking the movement of athletes, products, inventory, and other items and can be procured online on at the industry best race timing tag prices.


Applications of DogBone UHF RFID Wet Inlay Tag

• RFID-based race timing tracking and management

• Retail item-level tagging 

• Asset tracking in the healthcare industry 

• Inventory tracking and management

• Supply chain, Returnable Transport Items (RTIs), and logistics

Operating Frequency 865 - 867 MHz
Communication Protocol ISO 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Chip Type Impinj Monza M730/4D
EPC Memory 128 bits
Tag Material PET
Antenna Material Aluminium
Inlay Size 97mm(L) x 27mm(W)
Antenna Size 94mm(L) x 24mm(W)
Recommended Ribbon Performance Resin
Applicable Surface Glass, Plastic, Wood, Cardboard
Attachment /Mounting Method Adhesive
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Read Range Up to 16m
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