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UHF RFID 9640 Wet Inlays Tags, Alien Higgs9, Size: 98mmx12mm

UHF RFID 9640 wet inlays tags offer high performance with long read range up to 6m. The Passive RFID Alien Higgs9 Wet Inlay Tag work on UHF 865-867 MHz, most suitable for Asset Tracking, and Warehouse

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Operating Frequency: 865 - 867 MHz
Communication Protocol: ISO 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Read Range: Up to 6m
Chip Type: Alien Higgs 9
EPC Memory: 96 bits
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UHF RFID chip Alien Higgs 9 Wet Inlays Tags are RFID tags with a thin layer of RFID Alien Higgs 9 chip, and antenna material attached to an adhesive backing, that is why the name ‘wet inlay’.

The adhesive backing in the wet inlay is designed to hold the inlay in place and provide a secure seal against moisture, dust, and other environmental elements. UHF 9640 RFID Wet Inlay Tags are typically used in applications that require the tag to be exposed to harsh environments, such as outdoor applications.

The tags are used to help identify and track items, such as supply packages, containers, and pallets in a supply chain.

The Alien Higgs 9 is an advanced RFID microchip designed by Alien Technology, which provides 96-bit EPC memory, expandable up to 496-bit EPC, and up to 688-bit user memory, 48-bit Unique TID, 32-bit Access and 32-bit Kill Passwords which power the wet inlay tag to efficiently store and transmit information to a UHF RFID Reader. The wet inlays are also pre-programmed with a unique, unalterable 48-bit serial number.

The UHF RFID chip Alien Higgs 9 Wet Inlays Tags feature a thin profile allowing these RFID tags to seamlessly integrate onto a wide range of surfaces, from metal pipes to plastic totes, without compromising signal strength. 

The UHF RFID 9640 Alien Higgs 9 Wet Inlays tags, available at at a competitive price, come in standard sizes of 98mm x 12mm. These tags work are compliant with ISO 18000-6C and EPCglobal Class1 Gen2 communication protocols.


Applications of UHF RFID 9640 Wet Inlays Tags

 Logistics and Warehouse Management

  Asset Management

  Access Control

  Supply Chain Management

  Library & Rental Service Management

Operating Frequency 865 - 867 MHz
Communication Protocol ISO 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Read Range Up to 6m
Chip Type Alien Higgs 9
EPC Memory 96 bits
User Memory 512 bits
Tag Material Wet Inlays/Paper Label/Polyester Label
Inlay Size 98mm(L) x 12mm(W)
Applicable Surface Glass, Plastic, Wood, Cardboard
Attachment /Mounting Method Adhesive
Operating Temperature -50°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature -50°C to +85°C

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