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Transparent UHF RFID Wet Inlay Tags, Monza R6

Ultra High Frequency, 865–867MHz, Transparent RFID Wet inlay Tags for Asset Tracking, Tool Tracking, Logistics & Warehouse Management

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Operating Frequency: 865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Communication Protocol: ISO 18000-6C EPC Clas 1 Gen 2
Color: Transparent
Installation Type: Fixed, Portable, Handheld
Type of System: Passive RFID
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Transparent UHF RFID wet inlay tags are considered “wet” due to their adhesive backing, so they are essentially industrial RFID tags/labels. An RFID Inlay contains an IC/Chip with a dipole antenna. It can just peel it from the paper cover and put it on the product and that will work as perfectly as any other RFID tag or RFID tracking tool that takes out a bit of time to get applied.


• High-performance UHF RFID wet inlay tags with a wide read range 

• Durable, waterproof design 

• Compatible with a variety of readers 

• EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compliant

• Compatible with the ISO 18000-6C standard

• Long-range read capability


• Inventory tracking and access control in stores.

• Asset Management

• Library & Rental Service Management

• Supply Chain Management

Why buy this Product?

This Product Transparent UHF RFID Wet Inlay Tags is an ideal product for those who need to track products and goods. It has a small size and low cost, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. It is also highly durable and waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor and submerged applications. These tags provide a high read range for accurate tracking and can be read from a greater distance than other RFID tags. The tags are also compatible with existing RFID systems, meaning they can be quickly and easily integrated into existing systems.

Operating Frequency 865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Communication Protocol ISO 18000-6C EPC Clas 1 Gen 2
Color Transparent
Installation Type Fixed, Portable, Handheld
Type of System Passive RFID
Shape Rectangular
Working Range 0-10m
Usage/ Application Tool tracking, Asset Tracking, Logistics & Warehouse
Packaging Type Roll
Dimension 80mm x 19mm
Adhesive Type One Side
Adhesive Application Temperature Greater than +25 degree F
Antenna Material Aluminium
Outer Material Paper
Attributes UV IR rays resistant, heat resistant, chemical resistant
Temperature -40 to 93.3 Degree C
Application Surface Materials Glass, Plastic, Wood, Cardboard

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