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Zebra power supply (PWR-BGA24V78W1WW) adapter equipped with fast charging technology, 24V Output Voltage, 78W Output Power, featuring compact design, compatible with FX7500, FX9600 and ATR7000

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Power supply type: Indoor
Output power: 78W
Output voltage: 24V
Output current: 3.25 A
Compatibility: FX7500/FX9600/ATR7000
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The Zebra Power Supply Adapter for the FX9600 RFID Reader is specifically designed to provide consistent and reliable power to ensure optimal performance of the FX9600 RFID reader. This adapter is engineered to meet the power requirements of the FX9600, delivering the necessary voltage and current for uninterrupted operation. With its durable construction and precise voltage regulation, the Zebra Power Supply Adapter safeguards the FX9600 RFID reader from power fluctuations and ensures stable performance in various environments. Whether in industrial settings or retail environments. Zebra Power supply adapter also compatible with FX7500 and ATR7000.

Power supply type Indoor
Output power 78W
Output voltage 24V
Output current 3.25 A
Compatibility FX7500/FX9600/ATR7000
Color Black
Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C

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