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The Single Slot Charging ShareCradle is compatible for use with Zebra RFD40/RFD90 sleds and the Zebra TC21/TC26 touch computers,featuring an LED charging status indicator and compact design

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Power Supply AC Input: 100-240V, 2.8A
Power Supply DC Output: 12V, 9A, 108W
Compatible with: Zebra TC21/TC26
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The Single Slot Charging ShareCradle for Zebra RFD40 sled reader is a versatile and efficient charging solution designed specifically for the Zebra RFD40 Sled RFID reader. This cradle offers a compact and space-saving design, allowing users to charge their RFD40 Sled quickly and conveniently. With its single slot configuration, it can accommodate one RFD40 Sled device at a time, ensuring optimal charging performance. The cradle is equipped with an integrated charging connector that securely holds the RFD40 Sled in place during charging, minimizing the risk of accidental disconnection. Additionally, the ShareCradle features LED indicators that provide visual feedback on the charging status, allowing users to easily monitor the progress. This cradle provides a convenient and efficient way to charge the RFD40 sled, ensuring it is ready for use in various applications such as retail, warehouse management, and inventory tracking.


Power Supply AC Input 100-240V, 2.8A
Power Supply DC Output 12V, 9A, 108W
Compatible with Zebra TC21/TC26

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