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UHF RFID Paper Hang Tag

Rectangular, Size: 95mm x 15mm Ultra High Frequency (865–867 MHz ), RFID Paper Hang Tags for Garment, Bag, Shoes etc

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Material: Paper
Color: Black
Type: Passive RFID
Maximum reading distance: 3~10m (depends on the reader and antenna)
Attached method: Hang
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A UHF RFID paper hang tag is a type of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag that is made from paper, rather than plastic. The tag contains an integrated circuit and an antenna that allows it to be read and programmed by an RFID reader. UHF RFID paper hang tags are most commonly used in retail, shipping, and asset-tracking applications to identify and track objects. They can also be used to store information such as product expiration dates, product serial numbers, and product price data. UHF RFID paper hang tags are lightweight, cost-effective, and disposable, making them ideal for short-term or one-time use.

Application: Asset Tracking, Apparel Inventory Management, Clothing Supply Chain, Garment Retail Management

Material Paper
Color Black
Type Passive RFID
Maximum reading distance 3~10m (depends on the reader and antenna)
Attached method Hang
Size 95mm x 15mm
Customization Logo Printing, Serial Number
Shape Rectangular
User Memory 512 bits
Usage Garment, Bag, Shoes
Application Retail Inventory Management
Operating Frequency 865–867 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF)
Communication Protocol ISO 18000-6C EPC Clas 1 Gen 2
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