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13.56 Mhz frequency, Plug & play device, Excellent Reading Performance, Portable USB Card Reader, upto 15cm Read Range

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Operating Frequency: 13.56 mhz frequency
Dimension: 110mm × 81mm × 26 mm
Power: 0.2W
Reading time: 0.08s
Type Of Reader: Plug and Play Reader
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Mifare Plug & Play Contactless Smart Card Reader is one of the leading USB Smart Card Reader Writers or also known as OTG RFID Card Reader. This reads all relevant proximity cards, coins, labels, and so on. It does not need the installation of any software. Simply plug in and use this excellent read. This card reader is commonly used for transactions, payments, verification, identification, and a variety of other specific applications.     
Operating Frequency 13.56 mhz frequency
Dimension 110mm × 81mm × 26 mm
Power 0.2W
Reading time 0.08s
Type Of Reader Plug and Play Reader
Interface RS-232 / USB
Read Range Up to 8-15cm
Hardware Interface USB

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