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High-Performance, 13.56Mhz Frequency, USB Interface, Built-in LED and buzzer, Dual Sensor Black Card Reader for Employee identification, Time and attendance

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Frequency: 13.56Mhz
Reading Distance: 0-80mm
Interface: USB
Size: 94mm × 60mm × 10mm
Power Supply: DC 5V
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HF Mini USB RFID ID CARD Tag Reader (only Read) also known as Smart ID Chip Card Reader, supports plug and play, in the course plug, not external power supply, users do not have to load any drivers. When connecting the USB cable to your Desktop, the USB RFID reader is detected by any Windows 8 or 7 system, installing his driver automatically. It can read RFID card serial number and press the format specified by the same USB port as keyboard output to the computer.

Application: Personal identification, Logistics, Access control, Employee identification, Time and attendance.

Frequency 13.56Mhz
Reading Distance 0-80mm
Interface USB
Size 94mm × 60mm × 10mm
Power Supply DC 5V
Display Two LED indicators (Red For Mains ,Green For Status )
Operating temperature: -10c ~ + 70c
Material Plastic
Communication speed: 106Kbit/s
Operating System Windows98, XP7, LIUNX, Android
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