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Perfect ID- UHF RFID Mount On-metal tags for metal assets

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Nov 06, 2023
  • RFID
UHF RFID Mount On-metal tags for metal assets

RFID tags are a great tool to correctly identify and track objects, be it retail products, pallets, metal tools and machinery, vehicles, or IT assets in general. As a technology, RFID is just finding its feet, and believe it or not, with surging demand in RFID asset tracking and management, it is here to stay. 

As an AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technology, RFID uses small electronic devices named RFID tags/labels and RFID readers to perform functions such as remote asset identification, real-time tracking as well and finding an asset in the inventory. An RFID software system is also used to keep track of captured information and to generate meaningful insights. 

Unlike barcodes and QR codes, RFID labels can be read from a distance of up to 15m (UHF passive RFID tags) and since RFID works on radio frequency signals, you don’t need a clear line of sight between a tag and a reader, in order to scan a tag. RFID is very efficient in all kinds of challenging environments and provides great results but when it comes to metals and liquids, RFID performance is a bit compromised. The problem arises due to interference from metal and liquids which causes RFID tags to be inefficient. Keeping this particular problem in mind, Perfect ID’s RFID anti-metal tags or RFID mount-on metal tags are designed which easily overcome the interference issues due to metal/liquid environments and offer accurate identification and tracking of assets. 

Perfect ID Mount on-metal RFID tags 

Perfect ID is a leading RFID tag manufacturing company based in India with sales offices in India and the USA. As an Impinj silver partner, Perfect ID is known for its technology-based design and manufacturing of all kinds of RFID hard tags and labels and NFC tags. In particular, UHF RFID mounts on-metal tags that are most suitable for use in metal extensive environments, overcoming interference from metal surfaces. 

Let’s see some of the RFID tags designed by Perfect ID:

1. Flexi On-metal RFID Tags

Perfect ID’s flexi on-metal RFID tags are small RFID labels that are easily affixed to metal surfaces. Being flexible, these tags are also suitable for curved surfaces and small metal assets such as laptops, tools, and machine parts.

1. UNI 4415 (Small Size Tag) RFID On-Metal Labels

2. UNI-10125 RFID Flexible Tags

3. UNI-6025( Perfect size Tag) RFID Mount On Metal Labels Tags

4. UNITP-7030 RFID Flexible Tags

5. UNI-6006 (Slim Profile Tag) – Flexi On-Metal RFID Label

6. UNI-7030 Self-Adhesive UHF RFID Flexi On-Metal Labels/Tags

2. RFID Mount On-metal Hard Tags

 Apart from Flexible Mount on-metal labels, Perfect ID also offers some industry best RFID hard tags in the Anti-metal RFID tag category. These RFID tags are designed with high-quality ABS casing and Impinj Monza M781 and Impinj Monza R6P microchips, offering 128/96 bits of EPC memory and up to 32 bits of user memory. 

These hard tags can be easily attached to all kinds of metal surfaces and offer great efficiency in tracking and identifying metal assets, even in challenging manufacturing and industrial settings. These tags are lightweight and reusable as well. 

RFID mount on-metal tags designed by Perfect ID work on -40 to +95 °C temperature and follow the EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-63 communication protocol in UHF 860-960 MHz operating frequency. 

1. EDGE-11025 RFID UHF Anti-Metal Hard Tags

 2. EDGE-8521 Mount On-Metal UHF RFID Hard Tag

 3. Rock-UHF Long Range RFID Hard Tags

 4. EDGE 5050 UHF RFID Hard Tag for Metal

 5. EDGE-2828 Robust UHF RFID On-Metal Hard tags

UHF RFID Mount On-metal tags: Applications 

RFID mount on-metal tags or RFID anti-metal tags are popular for their ability to perform well in challenging metal environments. These tags are designed with high conductivity materials that effectively allow the RFID tags to overcome the interference caused by metal and liquids around and provide accurate identification and tracking. 

RFID Mount On-metals tags find various applications as follows:

1. RFID anti-metal tags are used for accurately identifying and tracking metal assets.

2. In logistics businesses, RFID mounts on-metal tags are used to track pallets and RTIs such as bins, crates, and containers offering better warehousing applications.

3. Perfect ID’s RFID mount on-metal tags are also used in manufacturing settings and can be applied on machine parts, and metal products being manufactured. 

4. These tags are also applied on metal tools, allowing one to accurately track metal equipment in the construction and manufacturing industry. 

5. RFID mount on-metal labels are also used in the healthcare industry offering identification and tracking of lab instruments, machines, etc. 

To conclude, RFID mount on-metal tags provide efficient tracking of metal objects which is not possible with ordinary RFID tags. These tags designed by Perfect ID offer high conductivity and effectively overcome interference issues as offered by metals and liquids. 

These tags are suitable for use in logistics, asset management, retail, manufacturing, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Does metal interfere with RFID?

Metals being highly conductive reflect the RF signals coming from RFID readers and cause detuning of RFID tag antenna when tags are directly attached to metal surfaces. Apart from metal, liquids also offer interference. 

Q2. What can cause RFID Interference?

RFID interference is mostly caused in metal and liquid settings where the radio frequency signal is not perfectly captured by an RFID tag antenna. To overcome interference, mount on-metal tags are used. 

Q3. Will a metal box block RFID?

Yes. A metal box can block some of the RFID signals (radio frequency signals from an RFID reader or tag) but RFID anti-metal tags are designed to solve this problem of metal interference. These tags work efficiently and allow RFID tags and readers to perform accurately. 

Q4. How do you stop RFID interference?

To overcome RFID interference, coming from metals and liquids, RFID mount on-metal tags are designed. The design involves creating a space foam or paper to shield the tag antenna from metal interference or detuning. This led to the design of bigger anti-metal tags. New technology includes designing better RFID antennas that can use the interference of metals to their advantage while keeping the size of RFID tags as other non-metal RFID tags.


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  • Created on Nov 06, 2023

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