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Anti Metal NFC Wet Inlay Tags

NFC, 13.56 MHz Frequency, upto 10cm read range, high-security performance & Good compatibility, Wet Inlay Tags

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Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Size: 30*30mm
Reading distance: 0-10cm
Construction: Chip & Antenna+ Adhesive+ Release paper
Attachment Method: Adhesive
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Anti Metal NFC Wet Inlay Tags are designed to suit applications where small size and high performance are critical. These NFC round-form products are ideal for use in small stickers, key fobs, and item-level tagging. This feature allows every RFID tag to be seen and read as unique from the application perspective, without requiring users to encode inlays with different numbers.  NFC with the Microchip is a cost-efficient alternative where a small size with 144 bytes of user memory is required, meeting the applications such as collectible playing cards or media advertising.
Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
Size 30*30mm
Reading distance 0-10cm
Construction Chip & Antenna+ Adhesive+ Release paper
Attachment Method Adhesive
Memory 144 bytes
Working Temperature -25-65?
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