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Resin ribbons are designed for the special applications in need of resistances to mechanical stresses. Most Resin ribbons are made up with two extra layers. Printing with resin ribbons is carried out at high energy level or heat settings as resins have a high melting point. Low print speeds can be completed due to the high strength ranges required for printing. But the resultant printing photographs endure a very excessive resistance to chemicals, heat, abrasion resistance and different environmental conditions.
Resin ribbon can be used in synthetic plastics and polypropylene, and is desirable for printers with Flat and Near-Edge print head technology.. Thermal Transfer resin ribbons are excellent desirable for  Laboratories, Medical device, Industrial label ,Electrical component, Plant marking and more.

Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbons, 85mm x 300m(Black)

Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbons, 85mm x 300m(Black) for Printing Industry, Manufactures, Traders and Exporters, Non Tearable Barcode Labels

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Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon is ideal for printing barcodes,labels & tags at high speed with barcode printers.It contain the highest percentage... Read More

Usage/Application:Barcode Printing
Package type:Roll
Surface Finish:Glossy
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