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The Zebra LS2208 laser barcode scanner is pistol-style grip handheld device with single-line scanning capabilities, reading 1D barcodes at a rate of 100 scans per second, and suitable for retail

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Connectivity Type: Corded
Scanning Technology:: 1D
Dimension: 152.4mm(L) x 63.5mm(W) x 83.82mm(T)
Weight: 150g
Input Voltage Range: 4.5 to 5.5 VDC host powered; 4.5 to 5.5 VDC external power supply
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The Zebra LS2208 is a highly efficient 1D barcode scanner designed for a variety of applications, known for its reliability and versatility. zebra LS2208 corded laser scanner employs a pistol-style grip, providing users with a comfortable and ergonomic design for long-term use. With its impressive scanning speed of 100 scans per second, the LS2208 quickly reads 1D barcodes, making it suitable for tasks such as inventory management, asset tracking, and library book checkout. Symbol LS2208 General Purpose Barcode Scanner device's corded connectivity ensures a stable and consistent connection to the host system, enhancing overall performance. Its handheld nature and precise scanning capabilities make the Zebra LS2208 a valuable tool for businesses and organizations seeking an accurate and efficient solution for barcode scanning needs.

Connectivity Type Corded
Scanning Technology: 1D
Dimension 152.4mm(L) x 63.5mm(W) x 83.82mm(T)
Weight 150g
Input Voltage Range 4.5 to 5.5 VDC host powered; 4.5 to 5.5 VDC external power supply
Operating Current at Nominal Voltage (5.0V) 175 mA (typical)
Standby Current (idle) at Nominal Voltage (5.0V) 90 mA (typical)
Light Source 650 nm Laser Diode Class 2
Scan Pattern Single line
Scan Speed 100 scans per second
Scan Angle 35
Drop Specification Designed to withstand multiple drops at 5.0 ft./1.5 m to concrete
Tumble Specification Designed to withstand 500 tumbles in 1.64 ft./0.5 m tumbler
Environmental Sealing IP30

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