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Wax-resin ribbons are a type of thermal transfer ribbon that is a combination of both wax and resin ribbons. It is a high-performance ribbon that provides excellent print quality and abrasion resistance. It features a combination of wax and resin materials that provide excellent print quality and durability on various types of media, including coated papers, labels, and tags. The wax resin ribbon is designed to provide superior smudge and scratch resistance, making it ideal for applications that require high-level performance, such as in extreme environmental conditions.

The wax-resin ribbons are a versatile and reliable printing solution used in a variety of industries. It is highly durable and delivers excellent print quality, making it suitable for a range of applications, including barcodes, product identification, and address labels. The wax-based ink is designed to provide a good print image on smooth, glossy surfaces, while the resin-based ink is designed to provide a more durable print image on rough, matte surfaces. They are easy to use and compatible with most thermal transfer printers, making them an excellent choice for businesses.

Encstore offers high-quality wax-resin ribbons at the most affordable prices. Our ribbons are designed to provide outstanding print quality and performance and are perfect for a variety of applications. We are the leading manufacturers and providers of wax-resin barcode ribbons in India. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your needs. We also provide customization options to meet your exact requirements.

We also offer thermal transfer ribbons, wax ribbons, resin ribbons, and wash care ribbons. Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to help you choose the right barcode ribbon for your needs. 

Wax-Resin Barcode Ribbon (Black), 55mm x 300mtrs

Thermal Transfer Wax-Resin Ribbons,, 55mm x 300mtrs, glossy surface, High quality, for printing barcodes, Manufactures, Traders and Exporters, Packaging Type: Roll

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Wax-Resin Barcode Ribbon is a type of printing ribbon that is commonly used in the printing industry. Wax-resin ribbons are a combination of wax and... Read More

Size:55mm x 300mtrs
Surface Finish:Glossy
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