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Perfect ID tamper-evident RAIN RFID UHF Anti-Metal Labels: Applications

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Nov 10, 2023
  • RFID
Tamper-evident RAIN RFID UHF Anti Metal labels: Applications

Tamper-evident packaging is quite often the go-to choice for retail and e-commerce businesses delivering high-value goods such as smartphones, laptops, cameras, watches, and others. Earlier it was done using customized stickers/hologram stickers, which also assured customers that the product they were receiving was genuine. Now with RFID tags, extensively being used in retail, tamper-evident RAIN RFID Anti-Metal RFID tags are being used to ensure the safety of high-value items while providing efficient item identification and tracking features. 

RAIN RFID tags which typically refer to Passive UHF RFID Tags, are small electronic devices consisting of a silicon microchip and an antenna that allow it to store information about the product it is being attached to and to capture RF signals coming from RFID readers ensuring accurate, efficient tag reading. 

Since metal objects are highly conductive and cause interference in the working of RFID tags, Anti-metal or mount-on-metal tags are designed to overcome interference and detuning of the antenna and to provide efficient RFID identification and tracking of metal assets, as intended. 

Perfect ID, which is an Impinj Silver partner, is an Indian RFID and IoT company that manufactures these tamper-evident Mount on-metal RFID tags. 

With sales offices in India and the USA, Perfect ID, a SYRMA SGS company, is the leading RFID tag manufacturer in India. As an IoT and RFID pioneer, Perfect ID leverages years of experience in Internet of Things technologies to deliver the best outcomes for its clients in India and abroad. 

What is RFID and Why do we need Tamper-evident Anti-Metal RFID Tags?

RFID, which is short for Radio Frequency Identification, is an AIDC technology and it is known for its wireless data capture and automatic identification features using electronic product code (EPC), just as barcodes use UPC, a 12-digit code to identify objects, expiry dates, and manufacturer’s details.

RFID technology uses small RFID tags, RFID Readers, RFID Antennas, and a dedicated software system to accurately identify items and store the data for future use. Since it works using Radio Frequency signals, RAIN RFID tags offer a read range of up to 15 meters.

RAIN RFID tags designed by Perfect ID are available in Tamper-evident and non-tamper-evident and these tags can be customized with QR Codes or Logos on the label surface. Apart from tamper-evident RFID labels, Perfect ID also manufactures RFID Mount On-metal hard tags that can attached to metal pallets, RTIs, containers, tools machine parts, etc.

Tamper-evident RFID mount on-metal tags are designed to reveal any kind of tampering with the sealed products by removing the RFID tags and being Mount On-metal RFID tags, these can also work on metal assets such as jewelry, watches, laptops, smartphones, etc. 

These tags are available in label and hard tag configurations:

1. UNI 4415 (Small Size Tag) RFID On-Metal Labels

2. UNI-10125 RFID Flexible Tags

3. UNI-6025( Perfect size Tag) RFID Mount On Metal Labels Tags

4. UNITP-7030 RFID Flexible Tags

5. UNI-6006 (Slim Profile Tag) – Flexi On-Metal RFID Label

6. UNI-7030 Self-Adhesive UHF RFID Flexi On-Metal Labels/Tags

7. EDGE-11025 RFID UHF Anti-Metal Hard Tags

8. EDGE-8521 Mount On-Metal UHF RFID Hard Tag

9. Rock-UHF Long Range RFID Hard Tags

10. EDGE 5050 UHF RFID Hard Tag for Metal

11. EDGE-2828 Robust UHF RFID On-Metal Hard tags

Applications of Tamper-Evident RAIN RFID UHF Anti-Metal Labels

Tamper-evident RAIN RFID UHF anti-metal labels have various applications in different industries as follows:

1. Product Authentication and Anti-Counterfeiting

Tamper-evident RAIN RFID UHF anti-metal labels by Perfect ID can be used to authenticate products and prevent counterfeiting. These labels provide a secure and traceable way to verify the authenticity of products, ensuring that customers receive genuine items.

2. Asset Tracking and Management

These labels are suitable for asset tracking and management, especially for metallic assets. These can help one track and monitor the movement and location of valuable assets, such as machinery, equipment, and tools.

3. Supply Chain and Logistics

Tamper-evident RAIN RFID UHF anti-metal labels are useful in supply chain and logistics operations. They enable efficient inventory management, reduce errors, and improve overall supply chain visibility. 

These Anti-metal RFID labels by Perfect ID can withstand harsh environments and provide accurate tracking even in the presence of metal or liquid.

4. Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI)

Tamper-evident RAIN RFID UHF anti-metal labels can be used for electronic vehicle identification. They provide a secure and tamper-evident way to identify and track vehicles, ensuring efficient access control, parking management, and toll collection.

5. Retail and Inventory Management

These labels are suitable for retail applications, especially for items that are stored or displayed on metal surfaces. These tags allow accurate inventory management, reduce theft, and provide real-time visibility into stock levels. The tamper-evident feature ensures the integrity of the labels and prevents unauthorized removal or tampering. Such packaging of items results in enhanced customer experience and profits. 

6. Asset Maintenance and Inspection

Tamper-evident RAIN RFID UHF anti-metal labels can be used for asset maintenance and inspection and provide a reliable way to track maintenance schedules, record inspection data, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

7. Security and Access Control

Anti-metal RAIN RFID tags can be used for security and access control applications as well. They provide a tamper-evident solution for access badges, identification cards, and other security-related items. The labels can be attached to metal surfaces and provide reliable identification and authentication.

To conclude, Tamper-evident RAIN RFID UHF anti-metal labels find application in revealing tampering of sealed boxes with high-value products. Being anti-metal RFID, these tags also help with correct identification and real-time tracking of metal objects. These tags are specifically equipped with high conductivity antennas which can easily overcome the interference offered by metals and liquids.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for general information purposes only and true to best of our understanding. Users are requested to use any information as per their own understanding and knowledge. Before using any of the information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

  • Created on Nov 10, 2023

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