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Wash Care barcode ribbon, 40mm x 300mtrs(Black)

High quality, Wash care Ribbon for printing labels, Manufactures, Traders and Exporters, Packaging Type: Roll, Size: 40mm x 300m (black),

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The Wash Care barcode ribbon is a specialized ribbon used to identify and label clothing items for care and maintenance. It is designed to resist fading, damage, and water, and is perfect for use in commercial and industrial laundry applications. The ribbon is composed of a durable, waterproof polyester material that is easy to print on and can be used with most barcode printers. The 40mm width makes it ideal for use with a variety of label sizes, while the 300mtrs length is enough to label a large number of garments. The ribbon is designed to withstand washing, drying, and ironing. It is also resistant to most chemicals and solvents, making it ideal for use in dry cleaning and stain removal applications.


• High-quality polyester material 

• Resistant to water and sun fading 

• Durable, lightweight, and easy to use 

• Compatible with all ribbon printers 

• Abrasion-resistant for long-lasting use 

• Heat-sealable to ensure secure attachment of labels 

• Pre-printed with wash care symbols for easy identification 


•  Textile and Apparel Industries

• Hospital and Laundry Services 

• Food and Beverage Industries 

• Retail and E-commerce Industries 

• Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial Applications 

• Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries 

• Logistics and Warehousing Industries 

• Chemical, Oil and Gas Industries 

Why buy this Product?

The Wash Care barcode ribbon is a great way to ensure that your clothing is properly labeled and tracked. This ribbon can help retailers and laundry services keep track of garments and their care instructions. It also helps customers identify items quickly and accurately. The ribbon is designed to be durable and long-lasting, so it can withstand multiple washes and continuous use. Additionally, the ribbon is reusable, so it can be used again and again.

Material Polyester
Color Black
Usage Barcode Printing
Size 40mm x 300m
Pattern Plain
Surface Finish Glossy
Ink Side Out
Compatible Printer Barcode Printer, Thermal Printer, Label Printer
Packaging Type Roll
Core Size 1 inch

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