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High-quality, smudge-proof, and scratch-resistant prints, Size: 90mm x 300m, suitable for printing barcodes, shipping labels, warning labels, retail tags

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The Wash Care barcode ribbon is a black thermal transfer ribbon measuring 90mm wide by 300m long. It is designed for printing barcode labels for clothing and laundry items, providing a durable and long-lasting image. It is suitable for a range of printing applications, including thermal transfer, laser, and inkjet printers. The ribbon is designed to provide sharp, clear image quality and is fade-resistant for clear and readable barcodes. It is also designed to be smudge-proof, ensuring a professional finish.


•Textile and Apparel Industries

• Hospital and Laundry Services 

• Food and Beverage Industries 

• Retail and E-commerce Industries 

• Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial Applications 

• Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries 

• Logistics and Warehousing Industries 

• Chemical, Oil, and Gas Industries 

Material Wax
Color Black
Usage Barcode Printing
Size 90mm x 300m
Pattern Plain
Surface Finish Glossy
Ink Side Out
Packaging Type Roll
Core Size 1 inch

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