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PerfectID RFID Labels for Hospitality: Optimizing Hotel Operations

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Dec 15, 2023
  • RFID
RFID Labels for Hospitality: Optimizing Hotel Operations

In light of post-pandemic changes in business models, which have become more technical, to say the least, and due to changes in customer expectations from service-based industries, the hospitality sector now finds itself in a bit of a quandary. Most people who visit a hotel on vacation stay, expect top-of-the-class service and would not hesitate to leave a bad review if things don’t go as expected. Hotels also need to ensure the best services, whether it is room service, access, security, or food and drinks. The hospitality sector needs to balance the use of technology and automation with that personal touch of people-oriented service. 

Various technologies can streamline hotel operations. The use of technologies like RFID, BLE, Wi-Fi, biometric access control, QR Codes, etc. not only provides guests with easy check-in and check-out options but also ensures a seamless, no-interference, stay, with easy access to information, menus, spa and bar, entertainment, and various other activities that people can do while they stay there. 

Perfect ID’s RFID technology-based solutions play a key role in streamlining hotel operations in terms of access control, asset tracking and management, security, key services, etc. As a prominent RFID manufacturing company in India, with sales offices in the USA, Germany, Italy, and Dubai, Perfect ID India Limited is known for its advanced RFID and IoT products and solutions. 

When it comes to the hospitality sector, Perfect ID offers a catalog of RFID labels that can be utilized for access control, asset management, service tracking, etc. However, before we learn more about how RFID technology is one of the best choices for streamlining hotel operations, let’s see how Radio Frequency Identification works.

RFID in Hospitality: Optimizing Hotel Operations

In the hospitality sector, RFID tags are attached to various assets to ensure uninterrupted service. RFID tags are small labels or hard tags which consist of microchips and antennae, housed together and the microchip is where we store the relevant data, a unique identifier, for an asset.

One can use RFID labels on linen, entertainment units, smart devices, appliances, luggage, service trays trolleys, etc. Tagging such assets helps with ensuring adequate inventory and timely replacement where needed. 

While setting up an RFID-based asset management system in hotels, another thing you need is RFID readers, which are devices that interrogate the RFID tags and capture and read the data for the end users.

The use of RFID technology in hospitality streamlines hotel operations, allowing easy check-ins and check-outs. RFID labels can be attached to guest assets, ensuring the security of their valuable assets during their stay. Perfect ID features a catalog of various RFID labels and hard tags that can be easily attached to all kinds of metallic and non-metallic assets. These tags come with 128-bit EPC memory that can be encoded with unique information about each asset, allowing quick identification and tracking. 

Some of these RFID tags are as follows:

1. UNI 4415 (Small Size Tag) RFID Labels

2. UNI-10125 RFID Flexible Tags

3. UNI-6006 (Slim Profile Tag) – Flexi On-Metal RFID Label

4. UNI-7030 Self-Adhesive UHF RFID Flexi Labels/Tags

5. EDGE-11025 RFID UHF Anti-Metal Hard Tags

6. Rock-UHF Long Range RFID Hard Tags

Benefits of RFID technology in hospitality 

RFID technology is a cost-effective way to automate various hotel day-to-day operations. It is simple to implement and easy for staff to understand. Let’s see some of the advantages of RFID in the hospitality sector in detail:

1. Streamlined check-ins and check-outs with RFID Key Cards

Efficient access control is one of the most important areas of hospitality services and RFID technology in hospitality allows for easy access to hotel rooms for guests with RFID-based room key cards. RFID key cards are designed to allow customers to not only easily access their rooms but also allow access to several services such as gym, spa, saloon, pool, bar, etc. as included in the customer packages. 

2. Digital payments with RFID and NFC

Digital payment services allow for hassle-free bill payments. The room key access card assigned to each room/customer can also be integrated with customer orders such as room service and others. Moreover, NFC technology-based cards can be linked with customer accounts and digital wallets, allowing for quick bill payment with accuracy and transparency. 

3. Customer Asset Security and Management 

RFID technology also ensures the security of valuable assets belonging to each guest. Right from their check-in to check-out, all the assets of guests can be tagged with RFID tags and tracked throughout the premises as required while keeping in mind their privacy concerns. 

It also prevents the theft of guest assets as well as the theft of hotel assets on hotel property.

There are various hotels and resorts that see hundreds of guests checking in with special valuable tools and gear, say golf resorts, or hotels that welcome guests for some seminar or international events. These hotels provide each guest with special safes and lockers to keep their valuables when they are not in their rooms. The use of RFID can ensure the safety of these temporary storage units and lockers.

1. Enhanced housekeeping with RFID

Housekeeping is a big part of hotel management and it requires hundreds of staff. RFID technology can improve housekeeping by keeping records on staff, their work hours, shifts, and their availability at any given time, in any room. All of this can be done by using RFID-based staff ID cards which are provided to each staff. These ID cards are linked to the hotel operation management system which keeps track of each staff throughout the premises. 

RFID ID card for staff also ensures security at the premises and prevents unwarranted access to any room and specific areas.

 Some RFID labels can also be attached to linen which ensures adequate inventory of clean linen as well as laundry management activities in the hotel, leading to better customer experience.

To conclude, Perfect ID India Private Limited designs and manufactures advanced RFID tags and RFID labels for the hospitality industry as RFID can streamline hotel operations. The use of these RFID tags ensures easy check-ins and check-outs. RFID-based asset management in hospitality not only ensures the safety of guests’ assets but also ensures the availability of hotel assets and services to all guests. 

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  • Created on Dec 15, 2023

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