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Enhancing Security with RFID Access Control System

  • Mahesh Tiwari
  • Apr 03, 2023
  • RFID
Enhancing Security with RFID Access Control System

Whether it is organizing an event, a symposium or a business meet, security is the first thing people think of. People always take measures to ensure better security. Security measures have also changed drastically over the years. While restaurants, clubs and in-house music concerts still depend on manpower/bouncers, to control crowd or unruly entrants, large scale events and seminars have gone digital, leveraging technology to control access to different sections of the venue, identifying and tracking people’s movement throughout. One such technology gaining traction in security and access control is radio frequency identification (RFID).

An RFID system for access control is an efficient and cost effective option for event organizers and managers to consider. Various sporting events like FIFA, NFL etc. have already implemented RFID system for ticketing and access control to monitor huge crowd of sports enthusiasts at the venue.

What is RFID and how it works?

RFID, short for radio frequency identification is a radio frequency based auto identification and data capture tool.

An RFID system employs a set of RFID tags, RFID readers and an RF subsystem like a computer, to identify and track an object or individual.

Whenever an RFID tagged object or individual/asset is in the range of an RFID reader, it communicates its identification in the form of encoded data to RFID reader and the reader decodes the data for the end user.

It’s a wireless technology, so direct line of sight is not required for a tag and a reader to communicate unlike barcode. 

Enhancing security with RFID access Control System

An RFID access control system is capable of monitoring huge amount of visitors and providing an effortless security experience at any venue. An RFID access control system typically consists of RFID tags, RFID readers and antennae and a RF subsystem like a computer or tablet to store the data.

Suppose you’re organizing a symposium with hundreds of participants from various cities, you can use RFID enabled Id cards, and install RFID readers at various intersections like entry and exit points, near cafeteria and seminar halls to identify and monitor visitors. The RF subsystem will keep track of people by recording their movement whenever they pass through an intersection.

Let’s see how RFID access control system can enhance security-

1. RFID access control system can keep track of hundreds of people at once, so it’s very efficient for huge gatherings.

2. RFID enabled RFID cards will make sure that only intended people are allowed entry through the RFID enabled entry points.

3. It can also track people’s movement through various parts of the venue which will allows event managers and organizers to make informed decisions.

4. An RFID access control system eliminates human errors to a great degree, which makes for a successful event hosting.

5. The RFID access control system also provides a huge amount of data on the behavior of the visitors and on their interests and engagements, which is quite helpful for event managers to improve upon the next time.

6. RFID access control system can also enhance the parking management at the event venue by clubbing people’s entry cards to their parking tickets.

7. By using RFID access control in tandem with CCTVs, the security at an event can be enhanced multifold.

8. RFID can also be used for enabling digital payment system at a venue as well.

In conclusion, RFID offers a great degree of accuracy and efficiency in access control system. It can handle a large crowd and it’s a cost effective tool as well.

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  • Created on Apr 03, 2023

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