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Solar DC Cable, Size: 2.5 Sq mm

Copper Solar DC Wire, Size: 2.5 Sq mm, Voltage: 1500v, TUV Protected, High-quality, suitable for Solar Panel

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Material: Copper
Type: Double Insulated Cable
Voltage: 1800V
UV Protected: Yes
Flame Proof: Yes
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Solar DC cables and wires are specially designed for connecting PV Modules for complete solar system installation. DC cables and wires offer complete UV protection, quick and simple installation with color identification, and compatibility with popular connecter types.

Application: Solar Generators, Solar Panels, Rooftop Applications

Material Copper
Type Double Insulated Cable
Voltage 1800V
UV Protected Yes
Flame Proof Yes
Size 2.5 Sq mm
Ambient Temperature -40 Degree C to +90 Degree C
Packaging Type Roll
Usage Solar Generator and Solar System
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