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Self adhesive tapes consists of a pressure sensitive adhesive covered  onto a backing material such paper, plastic film, cloth, foam, foil and its a combination of a resources and an adhesive film and used to combine objects together instead of using fasteners, screws, or welding. Adhesive tapes are excellent solutions for computerized product production, whereas liquid adhesives are disordered and time-consuming because they need to be sprayed or rolled onto the surface before bonding takes place.

Most of the industries and application use self adhesive tapes such automative , construction, household, &appliance and electronics industries and many more. These tapes are sensitive, thermally activated or  require moisture to work do not require any technical knowledge and expertise to apply.

Waterproof Double Sided Silicon Adhesive Tape, 30mm, 10meter

Reusable and Washable Double Sided Silicon Adhesive Tape, Sticky Gel, for Kitchen, walls, Glass

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Double sided Tapes are made with PU gel. These tapes are easy to use, removable and washable feature, will not damage on the wall or any surface,... Read More

Tape Type:Double Sided
Compatibal Material:Metal, Ceramic, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Stone
Suitable For:Kitchen, Walls, Glass, Cellphone, Tile wall, fix carpet and more
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