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Lanyard, which comes from a French word β€˜laniere’, meaning a strap, is a thin fabric strip that people wear around neck or carry, along with their identification card.

At present, Lanyards have evolved into a status sign and brand identification. EnCStore offers a huge range of high quality fabric lanyards at competitive prices, in different fit and colors that not only strengthen your brand but also help employees with access and networking. We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of quality lanyards prepared from high quality raw material and precise, industry specific manufacturing techniques.

We also offer high quality, printed and unprinted, polyester lanyards that come with a range of metal trigger clips and plastic J-clips for lanyard attachments.

EnCStore lanyards are a sure way to create a brand awareness amongst people as a brand marketing and promotion strategy. You can customize it with brand colors and brand logo on one or both sides.

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