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1000V MC Solar Connector ,Protection grade : IP67, suitable for PV Solar Panel Cable

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Contact material: Copper, silver-plated
Voltage: 1000v
Type: Male and Female
Pin dimension: 4.0mm
Maximum Current: 45 A for 4
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These Solar MC4 Connectors are specially designed for connect the solar panel each other with very simply way. A pair (Male and Female) of Solar MC4 Connectors in which one is male connector and second is female connector make solar panel connection with each other.
Contact material Copper, silver-plated
Voltage 1000v
Type Male and Female
Pin dimension 4.0mm
Maximum Current 45 A for 4
Color Black
Power DC Power
Compatible Solar cable 2.5/4.0 /6.0 mm²
Mating Contacts Copper, Tin plated
Insertion force Less than or Equal to 90 N
Withdrawal force greater than or equal to 50 N

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