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Solar DC(Direct Current)  and wires are used in places where automatic generation of electricity power takes place such as solar batteries or solar inverters. DC cables and wires are used in solar panels, they are connecting wire that is used in a DC solar circuit to transfer current. These wires also called PV wires that connect various elements of a solar PV system. They have two single-core cables. One of them is the current-carrying, usually a live red wire, and another one is a negative black wire. Both wires are generally surrounded by an insulation layer.

Solar DC cables and wires provide full protection against ultraviolet rays, fast and easy installation with color identification, suitable for common connecter types.

Solar DC Cable with 60A MC4 Connector, Size: 10Sq mm

TUV Protected, Copper Solar DC Wire, Size: 10 sq mm, Suitable for connection of Solar panels in On and off grid, rooftop applications, Solar UPS

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Solar DC Cables and Wires are designed for connecting photovoltaic power supply systems. DC Cable TUV Protected Rated Capacity 60AMP and ... Read More

Conductor Material :Copper
Size:10 sq mm
Connector Current capacity:60 Amp
Color:Black and Red
UV Protected:Yes
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