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Solar DC Cable with 60A MC4 Connector, Size: 10Sq mm

TUV Protected, Copper Solar DC Wire, Size: 10 sq mm, Suitable for connection of Solar panels in On and off grid, rooftop applications, Solar UPS

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Conductor Material : Copper
Size: 10 sq mm
Connector Current capacity: 60 Amp
Color: Black and Red
UV Protected: Yes
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Solar DC Cables and Wires are designed for connecting photovoltaic power supply systems. DC Cable TUV Protected Rated Capacity 60AMP and  provide full protection against ultraviolet rays, fast and ease installation with color identification, suitable to common connecter types. A pair (Male and Female) of 10 Sq mm Solar MC4 Connectors with Copper Tin Plated Pins. These Solar connectors are suitable to carry high current with 10mm² wires only.

Application: Solar Generators, Solar Panels, Rooftop Applications

Conductor Material Copper
Size 10 sq mm
Connector Current capacity 60 Amp
Color Black and Red
UV Protected Yes
Ambient Temperature -40 Degree C to +90 Degree C
Packaging Type Roll
Flame Proof Yes
Type Double Insulated Cable
Voltage 1.5V
Usage/Application Solar Panels, Rooftop Applications
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