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Biometric attendance machines use biometrics like facial recognition, fingerprint mapping or retina scans to identify individuals and mark their attendance.

At EnCStore, various biometric attendance machines are available that come in a wide range of technical specifications. Various fingerprint enabled biometric attendance machines with accurate and fast sensors, LCD display, long battery backup and wall mounting features are available as well. 

EnCStore supplies biometric attendance machines that comply with industry norms and are capable of 500 dpi optical scanning and faster processing of data. These are available in TFT and LCD display options with user friendly interface and long lasting, temper proof casing.

This system is widely used in many industries, such as government, education, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and financial services, to enhance security and improve the accuracy of employee attendance tracking. The Biometric Attendance System is also used for time and labor management, which allows organizations to accurately track employee hours and monitor employee productivity. 

EnCStore is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Biometric Attendance Systems at the best price. Our systems are designed to provide accurate and reliable attendance records that can be used for payroll processing, monitoring employee attendance, tracking overtime, and more. We offer a wide range of products to meet your needs, from basic fingerprint scanners to advanced facial recognition systems. Our products are designed to be user-friendly and easy to install, so you can quickly begin tracking employee attendance.

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