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EAS RF Security Gates

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Encstore EAS RF security gates are security gates that use radio frequency (RF) technology to detect and deactivate tags attached to the merchandise. They are designed to detect tags attached to merchandise, either in the form of a hard RF tag or a soft RF tag, and cause an alarm to sound if the tags are not deactivated when the item is purchased.  The gates are typically placed at the entrance and exits of the store and can be connected to a point of sale system or other inventory tracking system. EAS RF security gates are an effective way to protect businesses from losses due to theft.

EAS RF security tags provide retailers with a reliable and efficient way to protect their products. With RF tags, products are tagged with a unique ID and a radio frequency signal, making them difficult to remove without triggering an alarm. These systems are typically used in retail stores, libraries, warehouses, and other locations where security is important. 

We are the leading manufacturer of EAS RF Security tags in India. Our tags are of the highest quality and come at the best price. We use the latest technology and advanced materials to ensure maximum reliability and durability. Our security gates are easy to install and offer a wide range of features to ensure the highest level of security for your business. We also provide excellent customer service and technical support to ensure that meet your security needs.

Aluminum Alloy Anti Theft EAS Security System

Easy Installation, Multi-Tag Detection, 8.2Mhz RF Frequency, Minimal Maintenance, Automatic opening pattern, Suitable for Shopping Malls, Super Market and Retail Stores

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An Aluminum Alloy Anti-Theft EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) Security System is a type of anti-theft device used to deter shoplifting and other... Read More

Material:Aluminum Alloy
Technology:Radio Frequency(RF)
Dimension:1520mm(L) x 440mm(W) x 40mm(D)
Detection Range:0.9 ~ 2m (Depend on tag)
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Anti Theft RF 8.2MHz Alarm Security Sensor EAS System

Easy to install and use, Automatic opening pattern, RF Aluminum EAS Gate, RF 8.2MHz Alarm Security Sensor, suitable for supermarket, super mall, retail store, shoes store etc

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The Anti Theft RF 8.2MHz Alarm Security Sensor EAS System is an electronic article surveillance (EAS) system that is used to protect products from... Read More

Type:Eas Gate
Dimension:1660mm(L) × 333mm(W) × 80mm(D)
Technology:Radio Frequency(RF)
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ABS RF EAS Systems for Sensor Security

Programmable Sensitivity, Easy installation, Multiple Detection Zones, Multi-Tag Detection, Remote Monitoring, Wireless Capabilities

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ABS RF EAS systems for sensor security are an electronic article surveillance (EAS) system that uses radio frequency (RF) tags and sensors to detect... Read More

Color:White and Grey
Dimension:1610mm(L) x 420mm(W) x 195mm(T)
Technology:Radio Frequency(RF)
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