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Sensormatic Ultra 1.8 m ABS Pedestal System

Easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, anti-theft protection, durable design, 1.8 m Coverage Range, 8 Meter Tall, Suitable in Retail Stores

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The Sensormatic Ultra 1.8 m ABS Pedestal System is a complete security solution designed to protect merchandise from shoplifting or internal theft. It features an integrated antenna with a detection range of 1.8 m and an ABS plastic pedestal for easy installation and maintenance. The system also includes a control unit, a power supply, and a mounting bracket. The system is ideal for retail stores, malls, and other commercial locations that need reliable protection. It is easy to install and offers customizable settings, allowing store owners to tailor the system to their specific needs. The Sensormatic Ultra 1.8 m ABS Pedestal System is a great solution for any business looking to protect its merchandise and deter theft.
Material Aluminium
Color White
Depth 7.5cm
Frequency 50 Hz
Coverage Range 1.8 m
Technology Radio Frequency(RF)
Type EAS
Country of Origin Made in India
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